Who are we ?

Because The Republic of Belarus is regarded as one of the most attractive places for business and trade to open up in recent years, there was a strong need to open up formal trade and business relationships between it and the rest of Europe.

So BELEXIA was established as a joint venture between two important Ministries in Belarus : Foreign Affairs, and Economy. These Ministries, along with a group of European businessmen work together to encourage and support more formal trade and expanded business relationships.

BELEXIA is an import-export agency that has been created to encourage and facilitate trade and joint partnerships with Belarus.

With that focus, BELEXIA positions itself as THE strategic partner for European companies interested in doing business and to create synergies with the Belarus government. It also offers traders a new gateway to the Eurasian Economic Union marketplaces.

In addition, the expanded commercial role of BELEXIA is to help Belarusian companies to export to the European market, as well as to Africa, America, the Middle East and South Asia.

This Belgian-based company has representation offices in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, and in Minsk, in the dynamic Belarussian capital.

  • 2.900
    Land borders
  • 207.600
  • 9 millions 481.000
  • 48,8 / KM²
  • Minsk
  • Belarusian
    Official languages
  • Belarusian Ruble (BYR)




In an increasingly globalized economy, where business, commerce and employment spill across national boundaries, it is evident that BELEXIA has a major role to play in the development of exchanges between Belarus and the rest of the world..

Our core functions in this context :
  • Promote the brand “Made in Belarus” within countries where Belarusian products have not been represented yet while expanding existing commercial links with partner countries
  • Diversify the export of Belarusian products to the markets of EU, Asia, Africa,Eurasian and other regions
  • Support Belarusian entrepreneurs to better understand foreign consumers’ needs and helping them to fine tune their production lines and technologies to develop new products able to meet those requirements
  • Incentivize European and other foreign companies to come to Belarus and expand their production capacities in Belarusian plants
  • Promote the best European and World fair practices in respect of business, marketing and networking
  • Advise foreign manufacturers seeking new markets by helping them to penetrate the Belarusian market with the appropriate products
  • Support cultural and sporting associations between Belarus and global partners


As mentioned here above, Belarus is about to become one of the major trade and commercial hub on the continent. Here are some basics reasons.

On the eastern border of Europe, Belarus is strategically well positioned as a major trading place between Europe and the huge CIS markets. Moreover, Belarus is a member of numerous integration associations, including the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kirghizistan and Kazakhstan (EEU).
Transportation and shipping systems have benefited from huge investments in the last decade, making possible almost any way of transportation processes including railway, road and air ones.
The dense industrial landscape offers a very good base for joint partnerships. Just with know-how and adjustments, high quality products can be produced within the existing capacities of Belarusian plants.
Foreign companies enjoy a very favourable tax scheme, giving them the possibility to minimize their costs.
Belarusian authorities provide foreign partners with a wide range of benefits and assistance that should help them to develop and succeed, in an extremely positive attitude.
In turbulent economic times, the Belarus economy has been less affected than those which rely on global markets. Market analysts predict a robust growth for the economy of Belarus.
Belarusians are considered as very serious and hard workers. Moreover, they have quite high standard of professional and basic knowledge. More than 99% of Belarusians have higher, specialized secondary or secondary education.
The 2014 Human Development Report ranked Belarus 53rd out of 187 countries and had the lead among the CIS countries. Living, dwelling or education costs are far lower than in most countries of West and East Europe. In addition, Belarus managed to save unique eco-environment. Cherry on the cake, people are kind, wide-armed and open-hearted